Are you working comfortably?

During an average working day most podiatrists will lift their patients legs manually into position during a procedure. The average leg is around 10% of a person’s body weight, a 10 stone/64kg patient will have legs weighing around 6.4kg each. The position in which the practitioner is required to place themselves in to manually lift their patients’ leg requires them to get very close to ground and then lift at a 90-degree angle. This makes it much more difficult to follow optimum manual handling practices.

It is important to consider the repeated strain this may place on the practitioners neck and back. 

The Lemi Podo 5 Patient Chair is the only dedicated Podiatry chair with a dual electric leg rest function. The chair is ideal for lifting heavy oedemas limbs without straining the practitioner’s neck and back. It also benefits from independent electric adjustment of seat height, tilt and back rest inclination. The maximum working height of 128 cm and a 180° rotation allows optimum positioning for comfort and access for both the clinician and patient. The Lemi Podo 5 Patient Chair allows you to effortlessly place your patient in the perfect position with all chair movements being operated by the foot control. The single touch home function returns all the features back to their original position easily and quickly at the end of the treatment.

In addition to offering hands free electrical operation, the Lemi Podo 5 Patient Chair also provides a number of features to ensure a comfortable treatment experience for the patient.  The high quality contoured upholstery provides the ideal balance of cushioning and support.  The height adjustable head support and extendable leg supports will accommodate both smaller and taller patients in equally high levels of comfort.  With a maximum weight limit of 250kg (39 stone) and a generous seat, the Lemi Podo 5 will easily support larger patients whilst the overall footprint of the chair remains compact allowing it to fit even the smallest of surgeries.

As well as ensuring the patient is placed in the optimum position for treatment it is also advisable to consider the location and design of other elements of your treatment workstation. Gerlach Surgery Cabinets are DLT’s most popular surgery units, they provide the perfect combination of ergonomics and aesthetics in a high-quality construction. With the option to mount a bracket on either side of the cabinet, the design is equally suitable for right or left handed practitioners. The braked castors allow for easy positioning of the unit and the drill drawer will pull forward from the unit to allow easy access during treatment.

The Gerlach unit has a generous drill space which will accommodate most drills, we suggest our highly regarded PodoTronic Opus Podiatry Drills. These competitively priced drills offer quiet, high performance dust extraction. The hand-piece on/off switch results in less twisting and turning to access the drill control panel during treatment.

Poor working ergonomics has the potential to place more stress and strain on the body which can result in practitioners working in pain, taking days off work and possibly shortening their working life. With many years’ experience in helping practitioners to select the most appropriate equipment to suit their individual needs, DLT are here to help you find the perfect solutions for your practice.  Our friendly and knowledgeable team will personally deliver and install heavier weight equipment such as Patient Chairs and Cabinets, providing any training required.    

For further information about podiatry equipment from DLT please contact sales on 01484 641010.

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