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Hyperion Shoe Spray to Protect Against Fungal Infections

Anti Fungal Shoe Spray

The basic function of the Hyperion spray products is to offer protection against bacterial, fungal and viral infections.
The action initially is to provide an instant kill of dangerous microbes and the nano products prevent re occurrence of new infections for many months*

The main ingredients in Hyperion are composed of complex surfactant chemistry with a polymer backbone and the inclusion of nano particles and ions which were a spin off of the NASA Neemo 6 space program where aquanauts and astronauts operating in confined spaces, were unable to wash their clothes for periods as long as 6 continuous weeks.

The inclusion of nano particles and ions proved to be successful in preventing infections and nano particles and ions are now a mandatory inclusion in all astronaut clothing.

*Depending on application and operating conditions


What is the difference between Hyperion F and D?

Hyperion D Diabetic Shoe infection sprayHYPERION D (DIABETIC) 50ML BOTTLE (2 PAIRS OF SHOES)
HYPD    £8.95    NOW £8.05     10% OFF Until 1/9/16

Hyperion D is specifically designed to offer maximum protection against foot infections which arise from infected footwear. It makes little sense for a podiatrist or doctor to treat the foot and then put the foot back into an infected shoe.

Hyperion D not only provides instant kill but also residual protection and should be used on all the patient’s  shoes, socks, bandages, insoles and other items related to footwear.  It can also be applied directly to the unbroken skin or nails at the discretion of the podiatrist or doctor.



Hyperion F Shoe Odour SprayHYPERION F
£7.95  NOW £8.05     10% OFF Until 1/9/16
Hyperion F is a shoe treatment that offers protection against bad odours caused primarily by  bacterial and fungal  breakdown of sweat.

The spray is mainly used in sports shoes  or work shoes which are worn intensively and where bad odour is generated by excessive sweating.


Hyperion products are NHS and EU approved. The main ingredients of Hyperion products have been tested independently, according to EU standards and legislation and within clinical NHS.

Hyperion has the highest safety credentials and antimicrobial efficacy (Log Kill of 6!!!) and was recently declared the “Winner” of the Smart Solutions HCAI (Health Care Associated Infections) in trials performed by TrusTECH, The North West of England NHS Innovations Hub, on behalf of the Department of Health’s HCAI Technology Innovation Programme and supported by the NHS National Innovation Centre.

“ Probably one of the most accomplished anti-microbial treatments available and an utterly fabulous product to use……..”