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Pharmaceutical Sales Of Restricted ‘P’ Products

Please note due to UK Pharmaceutical supply guidelines governed by MHRA, before we are able to sell certain “pharmacy sale only” products to practitioners we must verify that they are qualified to purchase them. These checks include, noting HCPC Number for Chiropodists and Podiatrists or a scanned copy of the Qualification Certificate from Foot Health Training Schools. For more help please call our office on 01484 641010 if you are unsure of your status before placing the order.

FAQ – Pharmaceutical Sales Of Restricted ‘P’ Products

  1. Why are certain products now restricted, I’ve bought them for several years and was trained in their use as part of my training.
  2. The MHRA rules have not changed. For many years practitioners who have undergone training have been allowed to dispense certain products that are predominantly foot health related, their role was similar to that of a qualified pharmacist. With a vast increase in online supplies of pharmaceuticals MHRA guidelines are now much stricter when it comes to checking the actual purchaser of the products.


  1. I’m HCPC Registered – Can I buy as before?
  2. You can buy the same items as previously, but we do need a copy of your HCPC registration number on file, this can then be checked independently by MHRA should their inspector request it.


  1. I’m a Foot Health Practitioner Trained With Certain Restricted Products – How do I prove my qualifications?
  2. If you are registered on the Foot Health Practitioner Register, then we require your registration number similar to HCPC above. For non registered practitioners we require a scanned copy of your qualification certificate from your training school.


  1.  Does this now allow me to buy POM medicines/Anaesthetic?
  2. No – The only practitioners allowed to purchase Anaesthetic for Nail Surgery use are those who have the correct certificates of additional training in prescription only medicines or  anaesthetic use and nail matrixectomy.




Practicing For Profit

Is CPD Continued Professional Development or Current Practice Direction

In this first of a series of blogs aimed at helping practitioners maximise their practice profitability, we look at how technology, training and the expectations of patients have changed.

Traditional “cut and come again” chiropody still makes up a significant portion of many practices’ caseload however over the last 15 years we have witnessed significant specialisation in orthotics and sports injury provision. Was this driven by changes in customer desires, technology or practitioner skill sets?

We believe it was a combination of all 3. Without research into new products, there’s no training to use and prescribe them. Without the general customer base becoming more health and fitness conscious the products and training are both worthless. The most profitable businesses are often the ones who accurately predict the change in customer desires and invest their money and time in learning the required skills.