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Spring/Summer Retail Solutions

With the warmer weather finally arriving, now is a great time to think about your retail ranges for Spring/Summer.

Here at DLT, we offer an extensive choice of retail products which have been developed specifically for Podiatrists to sell on to their patients. They are designed to complement your podiatry treatments, to allow you to provide an extra service and generate additional revenue for your practice. 

With a new range of products in stock for 2022, now is a great time to refresh your retail offering. 

Foot Creams

There is a huge choice of foot creams currently on the market and we are pleased to offer leading brands including CCS, Flexitol, Gehwol and Ureka Footcare. 

New to the DLT range for 2022, Footmender All in One is a patented class IIa medical device specially developed to treat and heal dry feet, hard skin (calluses), corns and cracked heels (heel fissures) with a single product.  It delivers a triple action effect to exfoliate, restore and protect.  It allows patients to use one product rather than separate products to exfoliate and moisturise the skin.  Patients only need to apply once a day as a treatment or once/twice a week for maintenance.

Dr.’s Remedy

We expect Dr.’s Remedy to be an extremely popular retail item for Spring/Summer 2022. With many patients going on holiday for the first time in years, weddings to attend and social occasions aplenty, many will be looking for the perfect nail colour and nail care accessories to deliver healthy, beautiful nails.

Our new colours for 2022 are a must for your retail display, we love the new pastel tones of Perceptive Periwinkle and Lyrical Lilac.

If you are considering stocking Dr.’s Remedy for the first time or need a full re-stock, take a look at the Dr.’s Remedy Starter Kit which features 25 of our best-selling colours, together with accessories including the Remedy Hydration Treatment, Restore Ridge Repair, Base-Coats and Top-Coats. 

*image for illustration purposes*
*colours may vary due to stock availability*

Body Essentials

The beautifully presented range of Body Essentials natural footcare products offers an excellent retail option for your practice, the uniquely blended therapeutic aromatherapy oils are designed to help relieve common skin and nail conditions.  In the summer months, Ditch that Itch – a calming oil for itchy feet and Nourish that Nail ,which helps to restore the condition of nails and protect against damaging germs and bacteria, are best sellers from the range. All Body Essentials products are 100% natural and vegan friendly. 

Clinisept Retail Display

We are excited to offer the new Clinisept Retail Display for 2022, ideal for promoting the versatile Clinisept+ Anti-Microbial Footcare product to your patients. Clinisept+ enables your patients to maintain optimum levels of foot hygiene at home, either following a procedure to aid recovery, or as part of their daily hygiene routine.     

Thought Socks

Our latest collection of Thought socks has just arrived, offering a wide choice of single pairs for women and men– alongside gift packs providing something for all ages and interests. We also offer the Thought Diabetic Socks – these relaxed top socks are ideal for patients with sensitive feet or those suffering from diabetes.

Podopro Gel Range

Our Podopro Gel range has been expanded for 2022 and is now provided in retail-ready euro hook packaging. Shop from best sellers including the All Gel Digital Toe Cap, Gel Toe Crest and Digital Tubes. View our latest additions to the range including the Bunion Guard, Universal Toe Cushion, and Gel Moisturising Heel Sleeve.      

We are here to help if you would like assistance in choosing retail products, contact your DLT Business Development Manager or and we would be happy to put together a retail package tailored to your practice.

Dr.’s Remedy Top 10 Best Sellers

Dr.'s Remedy Top Sellers

Dr.’s REMEDY podiatrist formulated nail care collection has proved popular amongst Podiatrists and Health Care practitioners due to the addition of Tea Tree and the fact that you can use with topical fungus medications which will not make the condition worse.

With 37 colours now in the collection we have accumulated the Top 10 sellers in the past 12 months.

Dr.'s Remedy Mindful Mulberry Dr.'s REMEDY Peaceful Pink Coral

No.1: Dr.’s REMEDY Mindful Mulberry
REM39 –
This renewed juicy berry shade is stylishly tart and playful yet sweet and classic.
A perfect feminine neutral. VIEW

No.2: Dr.’s REMEDY Peaceful Pink Coral
REM16 –
A poppy, fresh bubble-gum shade   VIEW

 Dr.'s REMEDY Positive Pastel Pink Dr.'s REMEDY Cozy Cafe

No.3: Dr.’s REMEDY Positive Pastel Pink
REM17 –
Baby girl pink with swirls of
pale purple.

No.4: Dr.’s REMEDY Cozy Cafe
REM6 –
A cafe au lait with hints of pinkish grey and a splash of lilac.
Dr.'s REMEDY Focus Fuchsia Dr.'s REMEDY Playful Pink

No.5: Dr.’s REMEDY Focus Fuchsia
REM8 –
A hot pink classic with rich, romantic allure.

No.6: Dr.’s REMEDY Playful Pink
REM34 –
A cheerful candy pink with a subtle flamingo pink –

Dr.'s REMEDY Relaxing Rose Dr.'s REMEDY Clarity Coral

No.7: Dr.’s REMEDY Relaxing Rose
REM20 –
An opaque, vintage rose petal shade
with a hint of iridescence.

No.8: Dr.’s REMEDY Clarity Coral
REM5 –
Bright pinky orangey and matte.

Dr.'s REMEDY Remedy Red Dr.'s REMEDY Balance Brick Red

No.9: Dr.’s REMEDY Remedy Red –
REM21 –
A true iconic old-Hollywood red.

No.10: Dr.’s REMEDY Balance Brick Red –
REM3 – A deep modern maroon.







Dr.’s Remedy SOS Nailcare Pack


The Importance of Healthy Nails & Cuticles

We all strive for perfect looking nails and toenails so it is very important that we keep them in good health. If your nails are in bad health then trying to masque this with a nail colour will not solve the problem. If you suffer from brittle, splitting nails and split cuticles then your nails may be in need of some TLC.

A good nail conditioner like Dr.’s Remedy HYDRATION NAIL MOISTURE TREATMENT is designed to provide the moisture balance necessary to have flexible nails and prevent breakage. Also enriched with naturally occurring anti fungals and vitamins, helps to heal, strengthen, and protect a person’s nails. Use: Apply 1 light coat of Hydration once weekly, allowing nails to breathe between application. Wear alone as a treatment for dry brittle nails or as a base coat under any Dr.’s REMEDY shade. To remove this hydration treatment use REMEDY REMOVER, an acetone free polish that gently removes polish without drying your nails.


Many people have a habit of biting the edges of the nails and skin around the nails which can allow common bacterial infections such as acute paronychia to form. Damage to the cuticles during manicures can also be the main cause of this infection. Your cuticles serve a very critical function by preventing bacteria entering the nail, acting like a seal to protect against infections.

Cuticle oil is used to moisturise the cuticle, skin and nail area. It can protect the cuticle and nail against damage and improve the health and appearance of the cuticles and nails. When cuticles are exposed to excessive cold, sun, chlorination, salty or soap water or other environmental conditions that lead to dry, chapped skin, the cuticles can be also become dry, chapped, and damaged. Similarly, picking at the cuticles, typing, folding laundry, brushing hair and cooking can all cause damage.

Dr.’s Remedy CARESS CUTICLE OIL can prevent accidental damage by keeping the cuticles and nail folds healthy. Dr.’s Remedy cuticle oil contains tea-tree oil and garlic bulb extract along with safflower and kukui nut oils. Use nightly to boost nail and cuticle flexibility and prevent breakage.

Our Dr.’s Remedy SOS nailcare pack contains Remedy Remover 4.2 fl oz, Caress Cuticle Oil and Hydration Nail Moisture Treatment. SAVE £3.40 buying this pack. Suggested RRP: £25.85, profit of £10.00 per pack. VIEW

Dr.'s Remedy SOS nailcare pack


Dr.’s Remedy Live Web Chat with Rachel Bacheler


If you missed our Live Web Chat on Facebook you can catch the conversation here, Rachel Bacheler Marketing Director of Dr’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish joined us from New York to tell us all about the healthy nail care products.

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry:
Welcome to our live web chat we have Rachel from Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish all the way from New York joining us to answer questions about the podiatrist formulated nail products with the APMA seal of acceptance. How are you Rachel?

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: Hello. Thank you for inviting me to be here.

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: Thanks for joining us I have a few questions the first is: Your nail polishes are free from formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, parabens, and phthalates, what does these bad chemicals do to the nail that are in traditional nail polishes?

Speech-Bubble Rachel Bacheler: While we don’t know truly how porous the nail bed is, many podiatrists believe that formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals (traditionally added to nail polishes) not only cause nails to be dry and weak, but are potential health hazards. Most people believe it’s best to avoid them. There are many documented reports about the long-term exposure to your above mentioned toxins.

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: How does Dr.’s Remedy compare to other good quality nail varnishes?
How long lasting are they and how do you get the best from the products?

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: It’s difficult to compare Dr.’s REMEDY to other polishes that are not doctor formulated and enriched. What makes Dr.’s REMEDY unique are the ingredients which we’ve added into the polish. All of the additives are organic and chosen for their ability to help strengthen and beautify the nails (other ‘good quality’ nail varnishes cannot make comparable claims).

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: Dr.’s REMEDY lasts at least as long as a traditional polish but many clients report Dr.’s REMEDY is even more durable!

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: Dr.’s Remedy nail polish appeals to women being treated for onychomycosis, how is Dr.’s Remedy different from a traditional nail polish when used on a fungal nail?

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: It’s important to note that Dr.’s REMEDY is NOT a medicine. Many podiatrists market our polish as a homeopathic regime or as a preventative against discoloration. Our founders also stress that Dr.’s REMEDY is the perfect adjunct to any kind of prescribed treatment for onychomycosis.

Speech-BubbleLaura Dicken: Hi ladies, in my podiatry and beauty clinic we have seen fantastic results with the longevity of the polishes , our clients love it!

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: We have many of our customers asking if they can use a base coat and another brand of colour instead of the Dr.’s Remedy colour, would this effect a patient with a fungal nail?

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: Not sure I understand the question – are you asking if patients can use another brand’s base coat? If so, it’s defeating the purpose.

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: No I mean can a patient use your brand of base coat then use say a cheaper brand of colour on top of that base coat, and then will that affect the fungal nail?

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: It is probably possible to do so, although we have never tested how other brands perform in conjunction with Dr.’s REMEDY. We do know that we have quality controlled the way our base, color and top coat function and our strongest recommendation is to apply ‘as recommended’.

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: So will the formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, parabens, and phthalates of the cheap brand get get through the nail?

Speech-BubbleCaroline Christer: Hello Rachel, my husband and I run a multi-disciplinary practice that includes podiatry, beauty and a range of other treatments. I am interested in what the additives are in your product that make it different / homeopathic? What are the long term effects of these additives?

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: Thank you for your question, Caroline. First I will answer from DLT: again, we haven’t tested how other brands effect our base or top coat. It is possible that the toxins you mention could still yellow the nail. Our base coat is only the first step.

Hi Caroline! The additives in our polish are tea tree, garlic bulb extract, lavender (all natural anti-fungal/ anti-bacterials), also added: vitamins c&e and wheat protein. We are also adding biotin to some of our products starting Spring 2015.

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: Thanks for the question Caroline Christer. Ok Rachel Bacheler what is biotin?

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: Biotin is a coenzyme and a B vitamin and is also known as vitamin H. As a supplement, biotin is sometimes used for diabetes, brittle nails, and other conditions.

Why do people take biotin?

Biotin plays a key role in the body. It supports the health of the skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism, and cells.

Speech-BubbleLaura Dicken: Hi Rachel , we have seen great results with the hydration treatment can you tell me about the active ingredients ?

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: One of the key differences of Hydration is the ingredient Pentavitin: PENTAVITIN® is a 100% natural, plant-derived ingredient. Its effectiveness is based on its unique composition, which is similar to that of the carbohydrate complex found in human skin, and on its unique ability to bind to skin. PENTAVITIN® ensures instant, deep hydration and generates a moisture reservoir that lasts for 72 hours.

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: Biotin and PENTAVITIN® sound like great supplements. Ok Rachel Bacheler we now sell 20 of your colours, have you got any other new colours coming out soon?

Speech-BubbleEleanor Burton: Do you need to apply the base coat, colour and top coat in order for it to be effective? Some of my patients struggle with dexterity and may not manage 3 coats of polish.

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: DLT: Dr.’s REMEDY just launched new winter shades which are en route to Europe as we speak! The shades are Wonderful Wine and Timeless Teal. Already shooting to our top seller list!
Plus, this Spring we have a new purple/pink that will launch. Look for it in March 2015!
Hi Eleanor! Thank you for commenting…

Speech-BubbleCaroline Christer: Have you undertaken clinical trials on these products Rachel? I am interested to know the effects of the essential oils on a fungal nail, given that this is an extremely difficult infection to eradicate.

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: Our shaded nail polish can be applied directly to the nail. We have older clients as well that prefer just one step. Basic Base coat aides with durability and eliminating staining. Furthermore, Calming is a nice final sealant and a great final coat for ‘nail biters’!
Caroline, as mentioned previously, Dr.’s REMEDY is NOT a medicine. While we are researching a clinical trial at this time, we need patients to understand that a truly fungal nail condition will require medication.

Speech-BubbleRichard Wadley: Hi Eleanor. Richard from DLT here. We have plans to run basic nail painting and medical pedicure courses in the new year. This could add a really useful income stream for your business. Please watch our website for details.

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: Great idea, Richard! Richard I shall keep a look out on your website – thank you.

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: Ok Rachel Bacheler I’m looking forward to the delivery of Wonderful Wine and Timeless Teal. I have been told you have a unisex range of colours. How does this work and who would wear this?

Speech-BubbleSarah Sadler: I love all the colours that you do at the moment and find that there is no real age limit to individual colours that you can find with other nail colour companies. I also like the fact that your reds and blues don’t stain the nails which can happen even with base coat applied.
Do you do a French polish set???

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: Our unisex line launched this past Fall. The matte top coat is really what makes any neutral shade less obvious (for a man). If a man needs to hide discoloration on his nails, for example, he would chose a shade such as Loyal Linen and use MODEST Matte top coat to take away the shine. We have fantastic testimonials from men, here in the states that are loving this concept. (and remember, Modest Matte is really cool for women as well – it makes dark shades look ‘brushed’)
Thank you, Sarah, so glad you like our range! Re: French – I commented earlier that we discontinued our french white but could consider re-launching. In the meantime, we advise using BASIC base coat, using the salon’s white tip paint and following with PURITY Pink and CALMING clear.

Speech-BubbleSarah Sadler: Thank you . I have patients who like nail art with their polish, are you able to apply nail art to this product??
Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: Sarah, sure! Again not sure how another brand’s polish performs with our base coat, but you can test it out. Note that our brand isn’t about the trends per se, but rather the health of the nail.
I’d like to comment that we are excited to tell our clients that Dr.’s REMEDY is now available in Europe. We appreciate you supporting our brand and value your enthusiasm.

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: We tested the matte top coat over different colours and the finish is a really nice effect compared to the shiny usual texture of nail polish.

Speech-BubbleDLT Chiropody & Podiatry: Fantastic we happy that there is a healthy nail polish on the market that is healthy for your nails, and will not turn them yellow

Thanks for the questions everyone and thanks for joining us today Rachel, all the way from New York, what a wonderful place. Please keep us updated with your new products : )

Speech-BubbleRachel Bacheler: It was my pleasure and would be happy to answer any future questions on our facebook page (be sure to ‘like’ us). New York is indeed a wonderful place, but isn’t the grass always greener? Happy Holidays everyone!

If anyone has any further questions please leave a comment on our blog below or facebook page