Dr.’s Remedy SOS Nailcare Pack


The Importance of Healthy Nails & Cuticles

We all strive for perfect looking nails and toenails so it is very important that we keep them in good health. If your nails are in bad health then trying to masque this with a nail colour will not solve the problem. If you suffer from brittle, splitting nails and split cuticles then your nails may be in need of some TLC.

A good nail conditioner like Dr.’s Remedy HYDRATION NAIL MOISTURE TREATMENT is designed to provide the moisture balance necessary to have flexible nails and prevent breakage. Also enriched with naturally occurring anti fungals and vitamins, helps to heal, strengthen, and protect a person’s nails. Use: Apply 1 light coat of Hydration once weekly, allowing nails to breathe between application. Wear alone as a treatment for dry brittle nails or as a base coat under any Dr.’s REMEDY shade. To remove this hydration treatment use REMEDY REMOVER, an acetone free polish that gently removes polish without drying your nails.


Many people have a habit of biting the edges of the nails and skin around the nails which can allow common bacterial infections such as acute paronychia to form. Damage to the cuticles during manicures can also be the main cause of this infection. Your cuticles serve a very critical function by preventing bacteria entering the nail, acting like a seal to protect against infections.

Cuticle oil is used to moisturise the cuticle, skin and nail area. It can protect the cuticle and nail against damage and improve the health and appearance of the cuticles and nails. When cuticles are exposed to excessive cold, sun, chlorination, salty or soap water or other environmental conditions that lead to dry, chapped skin, the cuticles can be also become dry, chapped, and damaged. Similarly, picking at the cuticles, typing, folding laundry, brushing hair and cooking can all cause damage.

Dr.’s Remedy CARESS CUTICLE OIL can prevent accidental damage by keeping the cuticles and nail folds healthy. Dr.’s Remedy cuticle oil contains tea-tree oil and garlic bulb extract along with safflower and kukui nut oils. Use nightly to boost nail and cuticle flexibility and prevent breakage.

Our Dr.’s Remedy SOS nailcare pack contains Remedy Remover 4.2 fl oz, Caress Cuticle Oil and Hydration Nail Moisture Treatment. SAVE £3.40 buying this pack. Suggested RRP: £25.85, profit of £10.00 per pack. VIEW

Dr.'s Remedy SOS nailcare pack


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