COURTIN Total Footcare

Courtin Total Footcare

Why Courtin?

A skincare line based on 100% pure Tea Tree oil. Excellent treatment to help many skin problems. Compact and complete series of products.
Courtin has developed a special total skin care and foot care line containing Original Australian Tea Tree oil. The Courtin Tea Tree range includes a wide variety of salon and direct sale products.

What is Tea Tree oil?
Tea Tree oil is produced from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia by means of a technological process using steam. This process is subject to painstaking quality controls. The result is a purity level of 100%. Since it is a pure and natural product, the colour of the pure oil product can vary from colourless to light yellow.

Tea Tree oil can stimulate the healing of the conditions listed below
• Bacteria, fungi and viruses
• Ingrown nails
• Itching
• Cracked/chapped skin
• Corns
• Inflamed cuticles
• Psoriasis
• Chilblains: toes, feet or hands
• Warts
• Excessive sweating of feet
• Athlete’s foot

Pure Tea Tree Oil

Ways to use Tea Tree Oil 

Nail Infections – Apply a few drops of Tea Tree oil to the infected area twice per day and allow to penetrate. Can be used on both hands and feet. Place the hands or feet in warm water bath containing approximately 10ml of Courtin Foot Bath and add 1-2 drops of Pure Tea Tree Oil to the bath. After bathing, pat the hands and feet dry and massage with Courtin Hand & Foot Cream. Retreat the infected areas with Pure Tea Tree Oil.

Sprains – Rub Pure Tea Tree Oil directly on the sprain to ease the pain. Thoroughly wash and dry the feet. Apply Courtin Hand & Foot Cream and massage until absorbed. Apply Pure Tea Tree Oil to the affected areas twice per day.

Perspiring feet – Add 5-10 drops of Tea Tree oil to warm water. Take 5 minute foot bath every evening with Courtin Foot Bath. After the foot bath, apply Courtin Hand & Foot Cream and massage until absorbed. Put several drops of Tea Tree Oil in your shoes or apply some Courtin Foot Deo Spray.

General applications for various conditions:

To purify the air, place a few drops on a handkerchief, sheet or cloth placed on a radiator or in the hanging radiator humidifier.

Foot Bathing
2 – 3 drops of Tea Tree oil in the bath water combined with the Courtin Footbath.

Add 2 – 4 drops of Pure Tea Tree Oil to 10 cl. of water mixed with Courtin Footbath. Mix well. Soak the compresses in the Tea Tree oil solution and place them on the site to be treated for several minutes; repeat several times. Adjust the temperature of the water to the ailment being treated.

For massages, Tea Tree oil must always be mixed with:
■ For the Feet – Courtin Hand & Foot Cream.

When massaging the face, do not exceed a maximum concentration of 3% essential


Courtin treatments with your pedicure
Your pedicure offers various treatments with the wide range of Courtin Tea Tree products. The Courtin treatments not only act preventively but are exceptionally effective for many foot conditions.

Spa Foot Mask

Cosmetic Spa Foot Care Treatment – For most of the day, our feet are enclosed in footwear. This treatment with the unique Spa Foot Mask is a real blessing and you can actually feel the energy flowing back into your feet. A cosmetic and nourishing foot treatment providing total relaxation for body and soul.

Foot Mask – For some extra pampering, you can treat your feet with a nourishing foot mask. After a foot peeling, the toenails and cuticles are massaged with nail oil. After that, a foot mask is applied followed by a massage with a specially formulated, nourishing foot cream.

Courtin Foot Care Home Products

Pure Tea Tree Oil

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil – The 100% PureTea Tree Oil is made using natural processes and without additives. It is extremely versatile to use and has cell-renewing, pain relieving and soothing effects.

Courtin Hand & Foot Cream

Hand & Foot Cream  – This Hand & Foot Cream both cleanses and soothes. In addition to it’s cleansing and soothing properties, it also prevents odours. After cleansing, apply to dry feet and massage until absorbed.

COURTIN Chapped Skin Cream

Chapped skin Cream – The perfect cream for feet with highly chapped soles which can lead to cracks and fissures of the soles. With regular use, this cream softens the chapped skin, helps to prevent cracking and stimulates the healing of your feet. also ideal for raw skin on top of the feet. After cleansing apply to dry feet and massage until absorbed.


Courtin Foot Bath

Foot Bath – For intensive cleansing and reinvigoration of tired feet, use Courtin Foot Bath. Your feet will feel smooth and fresh again. Prevents unpleasant odours. Mix a spoonful of the gel into approximately 4 litres of water. Bathe the feet in water for 5 min.


Courtin Nail Oil

Nail Oil – Contains extremely nourishing active ingredients. Returns a natural shine to the nails. Apply once per day and massage for several minutes until the oil has been absorbed by the nail.

Courtin Ice Gel

Ice Gel– For the invigoration of tired, heavily stressed and burning feet or legs. The Ice Gel is directly absorbed through the skin. It prevents unpleasant odours and stimulates the circulation. Massage from the sole of the foot upward toward the thigh.

Courtin Foot Deo Spray

Foot Deo Spray – The Foot deodorant Spray keeps the feet fresh and any unpleasant odours are neutralised. Spray the Foot Deo on the tops and soles of the feet and rub it in. Don’t forget to apply between the toes.