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Spring/Summer Retail Solutions

With the warmer weather finally arriving, now is a great time to think about your retail ranges for Spring/Summer.

Here at DLT, we offer an extensive choice of retail products which have been developed specifically for Podiatrists to sell on to their patients. They are designed to complement your podiatry treatments, to allow you to provide an extra service and generate additional revenue for your practice. 

With a new range of products in stock for 2022, now is a great time to refresh your retail offering. 

Foot Creams

There is a huge choice of foot creams currently on the market and we are pleased to offer leading brands including CCS, Flexitol, Gehwol and Ureka Footcare. 

New to the DLT range for 2022, Footmender All in One is a patented class IIa medical device specially developed to treat and heal dry feet, hard skin (calluses), corns and cracked heels (heel fissures) with a single product.  It delivers a triple action effect to exfoliate, restore and protect.  It allows patients to use one product rather than separate products to exfoliate and moisturise the skin.  Patients only need to apply once a day as a treatment or once/twice a week for maintenance.

Dr.’s Remedy

We expect Dr.’s Remedy to be an extremely popular retail item for Spring/Summer 2022. With many patients going on holiday for the first time in years, weddings to attend and social occasions aplenty, many will be looking for the perfect nail colour and nail care accessories to deliver healthy, beautiful nails.

Our new colours for 2022 are a must for your retail display, we love the new pastel tones of Perceptive Periwinkle and Lyrical Lilac.

If you are considering stocking Dr.’s Remedy for the first time or need a full re-stock, take a look at the Dr.’s Remedy Starter Kit which features 25 of our best-selling colours, together with accessories including the Remedy Hydration Treatment, Restore Ridge Repair, Base-Coats and Top-Coats. 

*image for illustration purposes*
*colours may vary due to stock availability*

Body Essentials

The beautifully presented range of Body Essentials natural footcare products offers an excellent retail option for your practice, the uniquely blended therapeutic aromatherapy oils are designed to help relieve common skin and nail conditions.  In the summer months, Ditch that Itch – a calming oil for itchy feet and Nourish that Nail ,which helps to restore the condition of nails and protect against damaging germs and bacteria, are best sellers from the range. All Body Essentials products are 100% natural and vegan friendly. 

Clinisept Retail Display

We are excited to offer the new Clinisept Retail Display for 2022, ideal for promoting the versatile Clinisept+ Anti-Microbial Footcare product to your patients. Clinisept+ enables your patients to maintain optimum levels of foot hygiene at home, either following a procedure to aid recovery, or as part of their daily hygiene routine.     

Thought Socks

Our latest collection of Thought socks has just arrived, offering a wide choice of single pairs for women and men– alongside gift packs providing something for all ages and interests. We also offer the Thought Diabetic Socks – these relaxed top socks are ideal for patients with sensitive feet or those suffering from diabetes.

Podopro Gel Range

Our Podopro Gel range has been expanded for 2022 and is now provided in retail-ready euro hook packaging. Shop from best sellers including the All Gel Digital Toe Cap, Gel Toe Crest and Digital Tubes. View our latest additions to the range including the Bunion Guard, Universal Toe Cushion, and Gel Moisturising Heel Sleeve.      

We are here to help if you would like assistance in choosing retail products, contact your DLT Business Development Manager or and we would be happy to put together a retail package tailored to your practice.

Choosing instruments for your practice

Choosing instruments for your practice is largely a personal decision. However, the vast array of nippers, files and probes can often be daunting, especially for newly qualified practitioners. There are a few key considerations which will help you select the most suitable instruments to meet your individual needs.  

Which nail nippers should I choose?

The first thing to consider is for what purpose will you be using the nipper?  Fine pointed nippers are designed for ingrown nail trimming and general-purpose nippers for nail cutting.

Fine Pointed Nipper

Podopro 13cm Angled Ingrown Nipper
Available for £20.95 (ex VAT)
Code: SW632

General Purpose Nipper

Podopro 14cm Straight General-Purpose Nipper
Available for £23.95 (ex VAT)

Code: SW79415

Fine Pointed Nippers are sometimes used incorrectly for general purpose work as some practitioners find them easier and lighter to handle. Using a fine pointed nipper for general purpose work will reduce the longevity of the nipper and cause it to quickly become blunt. If you are more comfortable handling smaller or lighter nippers, we recommend you consider the PodoPro Petite Nipper Range. At only 12cm and up to 40% lighter than equivalent full size general purpose, Petite Nippers offer the strength and pattern of a standard general purpose nipper but in a smaller size which is easier to grip if you have smaller hands.

Petite Nippers

Podopro Petite Concave General-Purpose Nipper 12cm
Available for £23.95 (ex VAT)
Code: PET794

When selecting ingrown nippers, think about how many different sizes you will require, ingrown nippers are available in 4 different lengths with a variety of patterns from very fine for delicate work up to regular size ingrown nippers. Most practitioners will have at least 2 different sized ingrown nippers within their instrumentation.    

General Purpose Nippers are also available in a choice of options but there is not really a need to hold different styles as they will all fulfil the same purpose. There is the option of a straight or concave head plus smooth or patterned handles, but your selection here can be made purely on personal preference. Cantilever General Purpose Nippers are also available, these are designed for use with gryphotic or dystrophic nails and will cut through these larger, thickened nails more easily than standard general-purpose nippers, putting less sprain on the practitioner’s hand and wrist. 

Are Solingen nippers worth the extra investment?

If you are used to working with Solingen nippers and take good care of your instruments, then they are undoubtedly worth the additional investment.  Solingen nippers are manufactured to a very high level of workmanship, offering a more refined instrument that you should find smoother and more comfortable to use. To preserve the more pleasant user experience of Solingen nippers it will be essential to ensure your instruments are well cared for and maintained. 

Whichever nippers you choose whether they be our Cutlass Solingen or our competitively priced PodoPro range proper maintenance and cleaning is vital to ensure the longevity of the nipper. A set of instruments will often go through in excess of 1,000 sterilisation cycles per year and they are therefore some of the most heavily used items within your practice equipment. As part of your decontamination process, the following should be carried out:

  1. Pre-soak to remove tissue residues
  2. Clean in an ultrasonic cleaner or manually scrub
  3. Lubricate prior to sterilisation to protect joints and hinges using specialist medical grade lubricant
  4. Steam sterilise in an autoclave
  5. Remove from the autoclave as soon as the cycle ends (leaving instruments in a damp autoclave will cause staining on the instruments)

What other instruments will I require alongside nippers?

This will depend on the treatment being offered.  Most practitioners will have instrument sets comprising of a nipper, blacks file, blade handle and diamond deb foot file.  For more complex procedures such as nail surgery a wider range of instruments will be required.  Many practitioners opt to use reusable instruments for general treatments and use Sterile Single Use Procedure Packs for Nail Surgery.  Alongside our extensive range of reusable instruments, DLT also stock Susol Single Use Nail Surgery PNA Sets.

Susol single-use Nail Surgery (PNA) Set
Available for just £9.50 (ex VAT)
Code: SUSDP03

How many instruments will I need?

After determining which instruments you feel most comfortable working with its time decide how many sets you think you will need. This will largely depend on how many patients you intend to treat per day, how often you plan to run your autoclave and where you intend to work. As a guide we recommend purchasing 10 to 12 sets of instruments per practitioner when starting out, as this should normally provide sufficient instruments for a day in practice. As your practice becomes busier it is likely you will need to run at least one sterilisation cycle within the working day or alternatively purchase additional sets of instruments.

Here is an example starter package based on the most popular instruments we sell.

General Purpose Nipper either Straight or Concave12
Fine Pointed Nipper Regular 13cm4
Fine Pointed Nipper Delicate2
Blacks File Standard6
Blacks File Fine6
Dressing Scissors2
Swann Morton No 3 Blade Handles12
Diamond Deb Foot Dressers12
Diamond Burr12

If you treat a large number of patients off site in one session such as in a nursing home, you may find Sterile Single Use Procedure Packs more convenient.  It is also handy to have a few of these sets in clinic in case of autoclave breakdowns or last minute patient bookings.  DLT stocks the Susol Single Use Nail Care Sets. 

Susol single-use Nail Care Set
Available for just £3.90 (ex VAT)

DLT offers a large selection of instruments including our competitively priced Podopro range and premium quality Cutlass Solingen range. If you require further help and advice in selecting podiatry instruments or would like a quotation for starter sets, please contact Sales on 01484 641010 or email


Are you working comfortably?

During an average working day most podiatrists will lift their patients legs manually into position during a procedure. The average leg is around 10% of a person’s body weight, a 10 stone/64kg patient will have legs weighing around 6.4kg each. The position in which the practitioner is required to place themselves in to manually lift their patients’ leg requires them to get very close to ground and then lift at a 90-degree angle. This makes it much more difficult to follow optimum manual handling practices.

It is important to consider the repeated strain this may place on the practitioners neck and back. 

The Lemi Podo 5 Patient Chair is the only dedicated Podiatry chair with a dual electric leg rest function. The chair is ideal for lifting heavy oedemas limbs without straining the practitioner’s neck and back. It also benefits from independent electric adjustment of seat height, tilt and back rest inclination. The maximum working height of 128 cm and a 180° rotation allows optimum positioning for comfort and access for both the clinician and patient. The Lemi Podo 5 Patient Chair allows you to effortlessly place your patient in the perfect position with all chair movements being operated by the foot control. The single touch home function returns all the features back to their original position easily and quickly at the end of the treatment.

In addition to offering hands free electrical operation, the Lemi Podo 5 Patient Chair also provides a number of features to ensure a comfortable treatment experience for the patient.  The high quality contoured upholstery provides the ideal balance of cushioning and support.  The height adjustable head support and extendable leg supports will accommodate both smaller and taller patients in equally high levels of comfort.  With a maximum weight limit of 250kg (39 stone) and a generous seat, the Lemi Podo 5 will easily support larger patients whilst the overall footprint of the chair remains compact allowing it to fit even the smallest of surgeries.

As well as ensuring the patient is placed in the optimum position for treatment it is also advisable to consider the location and design of other elements of your treatment workstation. Gerlach Surgery Cabinets are DLT’s most popular surgery units, they provide the perfect combination of ergonomics and aesthetics in a high-quality construction. With the option to mount a bracket on either side of the cabinet, the design is equally suitable for right or left handed practitioners. The braked castors allow for easy positioning of the unit and the drill drawer will pull forward from the unit to allow easy access during treatment.

The Gerlach unit has a generous drill space which will accommodate most drills, we suggest our highly regarded PodoTronic Opus Podiatry Drills. These competitively priced drills offer quiet, high performance dust extraction. The hand-piece on/off switch results in less twisting and turning to access the drill control panel during treatment.

Poor working ergonomics has the potential to place more stress and strain on the body which can result in practitioners working in pain, taking days off work and possibly shortening their working life. With many years’ experience in helping practitioners to select the most appropriate equipment to suit their individual needs, DLT are here to help you find the perfect solutions for your practice.  Our friendly and knowledgeable team will personally deliver and install heavier weight equipment such as Patient Chairs and Cabinets, providing any training required.    

For further information about podiatry equipment from DLT please contact sales on 01484 641010.

Coming clean about sanitisers

There is a high level of confusion about which sanitising products are effective against the Coronavirus. Using any sanitiser is a good thing, but many are no more effective than a thorough hand wash with hot water and soap.

For example antibacterial sanitisers are only effective against bacteria, not viruses. Antimicrobial sanitisers however act against a range of micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Alcohol is one of the lesser effective chemistries and has to be used in concentrations of at least 70% in order to be effective. Many alcohol sanitisers contain far lower concentrations than this.

The antimicrobial effectiveness of Clinisept+ has been vigorously and independently tested, proving it to exceed the recognised levels of performance required of this type of product.

Clinisept kills coronavirus

Clinisept+ Aftercare 100ml Trade £5.15 + VAT

Clinisept kills coronavirus

Clinisept+ 250ml Trade: £5.50 + VAT

Clinisept+ kils coronavirus

Clinisept+ 500ml Trade £6.50 + VAT



Clinisept+ can be sprayed liberally directly onto the hands, face and surfaces to provide rapid protection against contamination.

Clinisept+ contains a proprietary ultra-pure hypochlorous solution which enables it to provide effective cleansing at a fraction of the strength of traditional cleansing chemistries.

Clinisept+’s hypochlorous has a unique oxidising method of action which cleanses and provides antimicrobial protection but is also completely skin safe. It doesn’t harm, irritate or sensitise the dermal layer. And because of the product’s oxidising method of action, organisms cannot become immune to it, meaning it is not subject to anti microbial resistance.

The chemistry has undergone extensive independent testing proving not only its extreme effectiveness, but also the fact that it has a skin neutral pH, is hypoallergenic and is even non-cytotoxic. (Not toxic to cells.)

Clinisept+ truly is the holy grail of skin cleansing. The reason Covid-19 is so serious is that the virus is both resilient (there is no vaccine) and also virulent, which is why it has spread so quickly around the world.

The speed with which a virus spreads is measured by its ‘reproductive number’, or R, which in layman’s terms, is the number of people that one individual with the virus will infect. If the number is greater than one, then the infection is spreading. If it is less than one, then it is in decline.

Recent estimates have put the R index at 2.5, however it has reached well over 3 in China and Italy. This means that every person that has Covid-19 transmits it to two or three others.

Covid-19 is therefore growing exponentially and is not going away anytime soon.

To beat coronavirus, we have to get the R number down, to below 1.0. So how can we achieve this? There are four key aspects that influence the R: the duration that someone who has the virus is infectious for, the number of people an infected person comes into contact with whilst they are contagious,

whether the contact is sufficient for transfer of the virus to take place, and the susceptibility of the people who become exposed to it.

Because we don’t have any medicines or vaccines that are effective against Covid-19, we can’t do anything about the length of time someone is infectious and neither can we change how susceptible we each are to the virus, and as we know the elderly or those with respiratory conditions are far more susceptible.

However, we clearly can influence how much contact we have with other people and therefore how much we expose ourselves to the danger of becoming infected.

Put simply, if you don’t come into close contact with someone who has the virus and you don’t touch a surface that has been contaminated with it, you will not become infected.

Completely avoiding contact with other people and the surfaces they have touched is almost impossible, so frequent hand washing and sanitising with an effective chemistry is essential. Evidence of Clinisept+’s effectiveness has been presented to HSE and the Government and a submission has been made for fast-track approval as a skin disinfectant for use during the current pandemic.




DLT Open Day Saturday 8th June 2019

We would like to welcome you to our Open Day at the DLT warehouse, offices and showrooms in Huddersfield.
Free entry and open to all with special offers and discounts on the day. Our famous Yorkshire hospitality will be on display with plenty of food and drink for you to enjoy.

• 10% Discounts on the day
• Deals on equipment
• Want to view a particular product?
Email and he will arrange this for you.

The day will run from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 8th June. We are running two workshops:

• An introduction to using Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy which is a safe and effective treatment for chronic muscle and tendon pain. Times 11am – 12pm & 1pm – 2pm.

Heat Moulding ICB Orthotics – ICB Orthotics are very versatile and can be custom fitted by heat moulding to the patients foot.
Times 10am – 11am & 12pm – 1pm.

To guarantee a place please use the booking form here but there will be many spaces on the day.


ICB Orthotic demonstration

ICB Orthotics

I would like to arrange an ICB Orthotic demonstration at my clinic and claim my free pair of ICB Orthotics.

The demonstration will include heat moulding and how to place the foot into the neutral position and take no longer than 30 minutes.

    ICB Course Dates 2018

    ICB Superior BiomechanicsICB Courses 2018


    This course will present a foundational understanding of lower limb biomechanics by independent pre-learning together with a workshop on practical orthotic therapy. Taught by Lawrence Dreifuss owner of Tuckton Chiropody & Podiatry Centre.

    Book Now


    This practical ‘hands on’ day will provide the manual skills to implement chairside orthotic therapy to fulfil a successful treatment plan for your patient.
    Upon completion of this workshop, the participants will be able to:
    ▪ Identify Neutral Calcaneal Stance Position (NCSP)
    ▪ Assess for Structural Leg Length Discrepancy
    ▪ Heat and moulding orthotics to the patient’s STJN

    Evaluate and treat forefoot mechanics, including:
    ▪ Forefoot Valgus
    ▪ Forefoot Varus
    ▪ Plantarflexed 1st
    ▪ Dorsiflexed 1st

    Perform chairside orthotic modifications, including:
    ▪ Plantar fascial grove to treat tight Fascia
    ▪ Extrinsic and Intrinsic metatarsal Dome for Metatarsalgia and Mortons Neuroma
    ▪ 1st Metatarsal deflection to treat plantarflexed 1st
    ▪ Forefoot Varus and Forefoot Valgus posting
    ▪ Morton’s extension for HAV, Dorsiflexed 1st & Hallux limitus.

    Attendees will receive a starter pack (worth over £100) which will include a pair of orthotics to heat mould, plus a set of products to deflect and customise in the workshop.

    We provide prior learning 30 days before the course, to ensure all participants benefit from the subjects taught on the day.

    Book Now

    Dates are:



    1 Day Course: £90 + VAT
    INCLUDES ICB Starter Kit worth over £100 + VAT

    Riverside Court, Stoney Battery Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire



    Free entry and open to all, special offers and discounts available on the day. We bring our showroom to you, view new products and equipment. See product demonstrations by our friendly team who are happy to give help and advice.

    1 Day Course: £90 + VAT
    INCLUDES ICB Starter Kit worth over £100 + VAT

    Doubletree by Hilton NORTH – NEWBURY – RG20 8XY
    M4, Junction 13, Oxford Road, Newbury RG20 8XY



    Free entry and open to all, special offers and discounts available on the day. We bring our showroom to you, view new products and equipment. See product demonstrations by our friendly team who are happy to give help and advice.


    Saturday 15th September – Heathrow
    1 Day Course: £110 + VAT
    INCLUDES ICB Starter Kit worth over £100 + VAT

    Premier Inn , Bath Rd, 15 Bath Rd, Heathrow, Longford, Hounslow TW6 2AB



    13th October Manchester  

    Saturday 13th October – Manchester
    1 Day Course: £110 + VAT
    INCLUDES ICB Starter Kit worth over £100 + VAT

    Premier Inn Trafford Centre West – Old Park Ln, Stretford, Manchester M17 8PG





    Lawrence Dreifuss

    After graduating from the London Foot Hospital
    in 1987, Lawrence worked within NHS Community and hospital clinics before establishing Tuckton Chiropody & Podiatry Centre in 1997 with his Podiatrist wife Sheila.

    Expansion into a multi chair clinic and the recruiting of associates followed allowing Lawrence to specialise and further hone his knowledge & interest of Podiatric Biomechanics Tuckton Podiatry now boasts its’ own separate Biomechanical suite adjoining the main clinic, utilising up to the minute  technology and techniques, treating patients with the skeletal / muscle issues patients face as a result of their foot dynamics or trauma.

    Lawrence specialises in treating musculo-skeletal conditions of the lower limb and postural abnormalities related to gait / pelvic dysfunction especially related to chronic sports injury.

    Nails with a yellowish discolouration

    yellow discoulored nailsFinger and toe nails are regarded as the reflection of the physical state of health. If they show a yellowish discolouration this is usually due to a cosmetic cause. In many cases, however, there is also a medical problem, such as a metabolic disorder.

    Patients are quickly suspected of not looking after their finger nails when they are discoloured. Smoking often embeds toxins in the nails. They attack the callus plates and lead to colour changes.

    Wrong care, trauma or constant strain due to excessively tight shoes are also regarded as causes of yellowish finger and toe nails. Physical influences such as colour forming bacteria or x-rays may also be causes. Yellow nails often occur after pedicures. The cause is deemed to be the solvents which are contained in many – especially coloured – nail polishes.

    From yellow to crumbly
    Colour changes and excessively soft or brittle nails, crosswise grooves (ridging), a detaching nail plate or crumbly nails may not always be the patients fault but due to a physical disorder.  In yellow nail syndrome, a growth disorder thickens the nails and gives them a yellowish discolouration (Onychauxis).

    In a metabolic disorder, the supply of important building materials to the nails is prevented. Fungal nail infections (onychomycosis), skin and thyroid disorders, various deficiencies or infections can also be causes.

    In Onychogryposis (also known as onychogryphosis or ram’s horn nails)(bent nails; claw nails) the nail plate no longer adheres to the nail bed. The nail is then a dirty yellow colour, but remains transparent. This is probably triggered by hyperkeratosis (the thickening of the stratum corneum) (the outermost layer of the epidermis), of the nail bed which could be caused by circulatory disorders in the end flow zones.

    If the foot specialist finds a yellowish discolouration, the medical history of the client is taken. When obtaining the medical history, questions should be asked about lifestyle (smoking, alcohol etc.), the use of medications, use of nail polish, existing illnesses and dietary behaviour, among other things. If there are a number of signs that a systemic underlying illness is present, the client must see a doctor.

    Care for healthy and beautiful nails
    Care and optimal treatment of toenails with important nutrients comes in the form of effective, high quality nail products. For instance, the first and only nail polish to recieve APMA’s Seal of Approval is Dr.’s Remedy enriched nail polish and treatments. Dr.’s REMEDY highly nourishing formula can be used in conjunction with topical fungus medications and will not make the condition worse, unlike most nail polish products.

    Dr.’s Remedy products are formulated with natural ingredients Tea tree oil & garlic bulb extract which is known to help prevent fungal infections of the nail (onychomycosis) while Lavender has a cleaning, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Every nail product is enriched with wheat protein and vitamins C and E, which strengthern weak nails and prevent discolouration and cracking.

    No fungal nails, no yellow nails

    Dr.’s REMEDY BASIC Base Coat

    fungal nails, yellow nails

    Dr.’s REMEDY Peaceful Pink Coral

    fungal nails, yellow nails

    Dr.’s REMEDY Hydration Nail Moisture Treatment

    10 free nail polish can be used with topical fungus medications or nail fungus products


    Is nail polish toxic? Does the toxic fumes in nail polish raise you concerns?
    If you have heard of the terms ‘toxic trio’, ‘3-free’ and ‘4-free’, even ‘5’ and ‘7-free’ you may be aware about the health concerns associated with the ingredients in nail polish and the potential health risks.

    The ‘toxic trio’ commonly present in Nail polishes (also called lacquers or enamels), base coats, top coats, nail hardeners, and nail treatments are:

    1. Dibutyl phthalate an additive that has been banned in polishes in Europe because of its link to birth defects. Its a developmental and reproductive toxin that causes a number of birth defects in lab animals, primarily in male offspring.
    What it does: a plasticizer that increases the flexibility and shine of the polish.

    2. Toluene is a chemical that has been removed from drinking water because of research linking it to liver and kidney failure. Affects the central nervous system and can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue. It is also a possible reproductive and developmental toxin. A pregnant woman’s exposure to toluene vapours during pregnancy may impair fetal development.
    What it does:  Toluene is used to help products flow smoothly. It helps give polishes a flat and even finish and keeps the colour from separating in the bottle.

    3. Formaldehyde is used to preserve dead bodies and is also linked to cancer. Damages lung tissue and can cause asthma. Can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lead to skin irritation such as dermatitis.
 A potent preservative considered a known human carcinogen by the International Agency on Research on Cancer.
    What it does: In nail products, formaldehyde acts as a hardener and a preservative.
    Dr.’s remedy is a healthy alternative to traditional nail products which consists of a base coat, top coat, hydration treatment and cuticle oil.

    Dr.’s remedy highly nourishing formula can be used in conjunction with topical fungus medications or nail fungus products and will not make the condition worse,
    unlike most nail polish products.
 Dr.’s Remedy is a 3, 4 and ‘7-Free’ nail care system which doesn’t contain the ‘toxic trio’ plus two other toxins:

    4. Camphor is a potential irritant. Used in muscle rubs for its mint tingling sensation on the skin, there really is no reason to add this to nail polish.
    Camphor is both synthetically and naturally produced.
    What does it do:  Plasticizer – Materials that soften synthetic polymers by reducing brittleness and cracking.

    5. Formaldehyde resin – has links to causing dermatitis.
    What does it do: All nail polish, nail treatments, or nail hardeners contain a film-former to make the product hard and shiny when it dries.
 To make the film tough and resilient a secondary film-former such as formaldehyde resin is usually used. Dr.’s remedy remover is a acetone-free product.

    6. Another chemical not present in Dr.’s remedy nail care products is Xylene. Reports indicate that inhaling this vapor can depress the central nervous system.

    7. No Animal Testing 

    8. No TPHP

    9. No DBP

    10. No Parabens

    Nail varnish remover

    Acetone  is a very powerful solvent and it works the best at removing polish. But it’s also very 
harsh because it removes a lot of natural oils from your skin. Harsh and very drying to nails, cuticles and skin. Women with nails that are dry or splitting should avoid using.

    Dr.’s Remedy is enriched with wheat protein and vitamins C and E, which strengthen weak nails and prevent discolouration and cracking, and garlic bulb extract and tea tree oil, which prevent fungal growth.

    Read Q&A