GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Scrub and Cream

Is there something better than customers who are happy when they leave the practice after their treatment? Of course, good treatment results are fundamental. But happiness can be encouraged beyond that. As a foot specialist, you can give your customers feel-good moments as part of your work. In most cases, a foot massage is a pleasant, emotional end to the actual treatment.

But why wait for the end of the treatment?
However it’s much nicer when you can
spoil your customer with full care right at
the start, as an exclusive entrée to your
treatment. The new GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT
Soft Feet Scrub
is just right for this.

Fine bamboo powder and sugar crystals, jojoba
wax and honey extract, avocado oil and
Vitamin E immediately turn the foot bath
into a regenerating, caring spa experience.

Scrubbing aromatic massage
The feet and legs are slightly moistened
before the bath, and then massaged with
the shimmery, white-green, fresh but not
strongly scented crystalline substance of
Soft Feet Scrub

Aside from the soothing massage effect, the
following happens: First, fine sugar crystals
thoroughly remove the dead skin cells of
the uppermost skin layer. The sugar gradually
dissolves in the process, so that no sticky
residue remains. After the sugar rub, the
skin is fine tuned with ground bamboo.
The woody sweet grass is eminently suited
to the second scrub stage. Bamboo is rich
in natural silicates, which lend the ground
powder a white colour.

The scrubbing composition of
sugar and bamboo of the GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT
Soft Feet Scrub
leaves behind a very
smooth, attractive skin appearance – and
this, very practically, while giving a pleasant
foot and leg massage whose toning effect is
further intensified by fine wax spheres.

Scrub with care expertise
Since the freshly freed skin surface is sensitive
and needs protection, the new GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT
Soft Feet Scrub
finishes with an extra portion of care.
Avocado is eminently suitable for this
purpose. The care vitamins and essential
unsaturated fatty acids in avocado oil are
important components of the skin barrier.
The oil is easily absorbed into the skin, and
unfolds its barrier stabilising effects. It
supports the skin’s protective function,
which defends against pathogens from the
outside on the one hand, and simultaneously
regulates moisture loss to the outside on
the other hand.

Honey extract and vitamin E provide
moisture in the scrub recipe. The extract is
rich in oligosaccharides. These are large,
hydrophilic sugar molecules, which bind
moisture in the upper callus layers due to
their polar structure. Vitamin E acetate is
similar: Vitamin E is fat soluble, but has a
bipolar structure; that is, it can also store
moisture in the skin with its water soluble
component. The molecules can also be
fixedly built into the skin cell membranes, so
that vitamin E also protects cells and prevents
premature skin aging. Jojoba lends a silky
skin sensation and ensures that young skin
immediately becomes supple. The embedded
moisture deposits reduce skin folds and
thereby support the skin smoothing effects
Soft Feet Scrub

Aftercare is preceding care
The Gehwol Soft Feet Cream With Milk and Honey
is an optimal supplement
to the scrub – even in the practice. With
special deep hyaluron, milk and honey
extract, it offers modern ingredients which
also stimulate the senses while intensifying
moisture care. Use the cream to spoil your customers
with an aromatic foot massage after the treatment.

These small details turn foot care into an emotional experience –
a small luxury which wellness lovers are happy to enjoy in everyday life.



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