A suggestion to help deal with onychophosis

All Podiatrists will have come up against this problem of trying to deal with the recurrent build up of heavy callus under the sides of usually the first toe nail.
The condition is quite often painful to treat due to the extreme density of the callus and the sensitivity of the area.

Patient advice should be given regarding footwear but the condition recurs sometimes very quickly.
One form of treatment that can be very effective is the use of Gehwol med nail softener.

Active Ingredients: Medicated soap, Bisabolol, ethanolamine. Bisabolol helps to prevent redness and irritation. Hard skin beneath the nail and in the nail fold softens and leads to an easy removal of the cornification without causing pain.

The patient is advised to use the product daily but sparingly ( ie one drop down each affected side). If the patient complies on the next visit the callus should appear much softer, less painful and therefore easier to remove.

The only side effect visible is a general yellowing of the area treated which has no detrimental effect. This is stating the obvious but: Do not use on Onychocryptosis, Inflamed or septic areas, Patients with poor circulation, Diabetics.

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1 thought on “A suggestion to help deal with onychophosis

  1. Susan Beattie

    Re: onychophosis care, we have reasonable sucess asking patients to moisturise the nail sulcu with many different and variedthings-often that they will just have at home or have heard of to use( Vaseline, hand cream, nail oil, olive oil BP plus others)
    In conjunction with this daily little spot of creaming, on a regular basis we ask them to try gently brushing up from the nail bed to the free edge with a soft(baby) toothbrush while in the bath/shower.
    This action can gently lift a little of the o/p away without the need to ‘dig’ as folks with this problem can often be tempted to do.
    Doesn’t work for all, but certainly helps many


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