Orthotics & Summer Footwear

Summer Orthotics

With Summer now in full swing, the warm weather and longer days brings a season of parties and outdoor activities.  With this in mind, our patients’ footwear will have undoubtedly changed – from winter boots and enclosed styles, to sandals and casual ‘slip-ons’. Often these summery footwear styles offer little or no support to the foot.  So what can be done to keep patients on track with their treatment regime, and reduce the re-occurence of existing biomechanical conditions or injuries, during the summer months?


For women, sandals and ballet flat styles of shoes can easily be fitted with ICB High Heel Orthotics.  Although, as the name suggests, this orthotic style was originally designed for fitting into high heels, its narrow slimline design makes them ideal for flat (or low) heeled sandals. Each pair of ICB High Heel Orthotics are supplied with velcro dots to hold the orthotics in place inside the sandal.


Ideal for fitting into summer sandals and ballet flats.

Ladies Orthotics

Tip: Add a 4° ICB Rearfoot Varus Wedge medially on the plantar surface of each orthotic – this will assist in providing additional pronation control.


ICB Rearfoot Wedges

Can be attached to the orthotic when additional rearfoot control is required (more than the 5° inversion built into 2/3 and full length ICB Orthotics). Patients who pronate more than 5° may require additional rearfoot posting to give optimum results. Sizes available: 2° & 4° (2 or 10 pack with double-sided tape).

Rear-foot Wedge


‘Boat shoes’ and slip-on mocassin styles are popular summer shoes for men. A common problem with these can be that they are often narrow through the shank of the shoe.  The ICB Dress Style Orthotic is a good choice for such styles, as the lateral skive (i.e. no lateral border) accommodates for broader feet, and fits much easier to narrow shoe types.  The dual density design offers excellent support and comfort for the burliest of blokes.

MENS ORTHOTICSDress Style Orthotics – Ideal for fitting into mens boat shoes and mocassins.



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